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Commercial Services


J & N Painters is always passionate about working with other businesses. We can work around your busy schedules and still make it work without any interferences!


Our team is dedicated in providing the best interior and exterior painting without disturbing your work area and even willing to work during off-hours to meet tight project deadlines.


Our expertise is in efficiency, meeting our client’s expectations and in providing high quality work!


We have expertise in providing exterior and interior commercial painting services for any of the following types of projects:

  • Retail centres and strip malls

  • Schools

  • Banks

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Office Rooms

  • Churches


J & N Painters also specializes in Anti-Graffiti Coating, which provides excellent protection to concrete or steel surfaces subject to graffiti issues. For use over interior or exterior concrete or steel surfaces in need of protection from graffiti defacing by spray paint or permanent marker such as:

  • Interior or Exterior Applications

  • Previously painted concrete or steel surfaces

  • Bridge Abutments

  • Commercial and Municipal Buildings

  • Schools

  • Transit Stations

  • Overpasses

  • Railcars

  • Concrete Fences

  • New Construction


Key Features:

  • Excellent graffiti resistance

  • Excellent cleanability with either solvent wipe or water power-washing

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Low VOC (<250 g/L)

  • Fast drying

  • Outstanding airless spray properties

  • Single component siloxane

  • Ready to use

  • Clear semi-gloss finish

  • Non-Sacrificial

  • Versatile application, including brush, roller or airless spray


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