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Our Story

J & N Painters Ltd was established in 2006 in Alberta with Jay managing the entire operations of the company. After doing tremendous research on the market, Jay determined that there was a gap in Alberta to have qualified skilled talented people to paint beautiful custom homes. Jay was able to fulfill this gap easily with his 15 years of expertise in the trades industry specializing in large projects for elite clients.


Jay's passion and drive in the trades industry allowed him to take on more projects and work with a team in completing them. Every client that J & N Painters Ltd provided a service to was satisfied with the work and quality that was delivered.  


J & N Painters Ltd relocated to Milton Ontario later in 2013 to enjoy a different lifestyle of being closer to immediate family and friends they grew up with, and experience the beautiful Ontario Lakes. 


Jay realized that he did not have the business expertise of managing the entire business in such a competitive market in GTA and it was becoming too stressful; so it was the right decision to have his wife take on a much bigger role in the company. His partner, Nilu joined the team as the Business Development Manager. Nilu has a Management Consulting background specializing in business process management, business development and project management in the professional services firm. 

Nilu has in-depth experience working with various industries such as, health care, not for profit, construction, public sector, government, and education industry as a Management Consultant.  For more details, visit

Linkedin-Nilofer Saadat profile. Recently, Nilu has enrolled in Real Estate to complement J & N Painters Ltd and to expand her knowledge in the housing and construction industry. Nilu also has expertise in excelling  in client management.  With her care for clients, she ensures that all projects delivered are met according to the client or blue print specifications.  


J & N Painters Ltd core values are:

 - Client Service

 - Quality

 - Integrity

 - Project Management


Together Jay and Nilu will ensure that you are satisfied with every detail of projects that is provided to us. J & N Painters Ltd defines success in the quality of the work that is delivered to our clients and ensuring our clients are satisfied with working with us. 


J & N Painters has a team of professionals to ensure that your project is managed and completed according to project specifications. We are confident in our expertise and workmanship that every project will have Just the Perfect Touch when J & N Painters Ltd manages it.    

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